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Price Matching Policy

We price the products we sell as the manufacturers ask us to. When we are offered a range, we go to the bottom of that range to save you more money. We are an authorized retailer for all the products that we carry. Depending on the manufacturer, that can mean more or less. Many manufacturers suggest what their products can be sold for, often setting suggested minimums. A good number of them do not permit prices to go below a certain point, and will terminate their relationship with a retailer who does sell their products for less.

Before we add a product we check around to see if anyone else is carrying it and what they sell it for. Sometimes we find that products are offered as loss leaders (the retailer is willing to take a loss on the sale of this particular item, actually loosing quite a bit of money with each purchase, hoping that enough other items will be bought that the loss will be turned into a profit). Sometimes we find retailers who claim that the "regular price" is lots more than than their "sale price," encouraging you to buy it now. It really irks us to know that their "sale" price is the manufacturer's suggested price. And sometimes retailers lower their sale price and jack up their shipping fee to make their money back. That's just not honest. We don't play those games.

Sometimes mistakes are made. The price on the product page will be considered correct if there is an error in the shopping cart calculations. As much as we try to prevent them, and correct them as quickly as possible, we are not responsible for typographical, clerical or other unintended errors.
Price Matching Policy
If you find a product that we carry available elsewhere for a lower price, please contact us. We will work to match that lower price for you**.

Item must be identical to that which we carry, item must be new, in stock, and available to ship immediately.
Final price will be compared, including, but not limited to: product cost, applicable taxes, shipping and handling charges.
Retailer must be authorized by the manufacturer to carry the product.
Please Contact Us and Provide:  
An email address at which we can contact you.
The item you are interested in comparing prices on.
The URL for the page showing this product on the other retailer's web site.
Your estimate of the final total price (including product, tax and shipping/handling) and what you are asking that we match.
** Please note that we will contact you by email or phone with our best offer on price for the item in question. We will also tell you if this particular sale will be considered a "Final Sale" that is not eligible for return, or if eligible for return, the actual shipping/handling cost to us will be deducted from the credit given on a return.