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Bantam e-Station BC6 DX-II Deluxe (AC/DC) Charger

Manufacturer: Bantam
Model: ECHBC6DX2
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Quick Overview

Features of the e-Station BC6DX:
Firmware Updatable via USB Port
Large LCD Display
Max Charge Rate: 6 Amps
Separate USB and Temp Ports
Graphical Main Menu Display
Battery Status View
Adjustable Contrast LCD
Adjustable Backlit Display
Adjustable end of charge Melody
User Name and Password Protection
Adjustable Discharge Voltage Termination
Adjustable End Current for Li-xx Charge & Discharge
Adjustable Mv add on Voltage for Li-xx
Adjustable Max Capacity limiter
Linear or CV Li-xx Discharge program
Adjustable Ni-xx Trickle Charge
3 Different Delta Peak Sensitivity settings for Ni-xx
Adjustable Ni-xx Peak Delay settings
Linear or Pulse charging for Pb cells
On screen graphing of charge / discharge curves
High and Low Li-xx cell display

Bantam e-Station BC6 DX-II Deluxe (AC/DC) Charger

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This is the Bantam E-Station BC6DX, AC/DC Balancing Charger. The E-Station BC6DX is a microprocessor controlled high performance rapid charger and discharger for NiCD, NiMH, Lithium Polymer and Pb batteries. With the largest LCD display of any charger in the 50 watt AC/DC category, programming is easy and fast. No more scrolling page after page to see all the important information of your chargers progress as 2-line display's are limited in what can be displayed. Additionally, the BC6DX utilizes the same user updatable firmware found on the High Powered Bantam e-Station BC8DP.

Here is a detailed explanation of the new features of the Bantam BC6DX charger:
Firmware Updatable via USB Port: With the Optional EAC400 USB/Graphing kit, you will now be able to update the BC6DX charger with any firmware updates that is released. This is accomplished via the USB port on a Windows PC. Macs, Windows Vista 64 and Windows 7 are not yet supported.
Separate USB and Temp Ports: With separate USB and Temp ports, the BC6DX can now chart the temperature of the batteries using the EAC400 USB/Graphing kit. The original e-Station BC6 charger shared these 2 functions on one port.
Graphical Main Menu Display: The main menu after the charger boots up is graphical. You now scroll horizontally to go through the various options. Options include Charge/Discharge, Battery Status, Setup, ect.
Battery Status View: This allows you to see the voltage of your lithium pack and see each individual cell in the pack without having to start the charge/discharge process. Both the main discharge leads as well as the balance tap need to be connected to the charger.
Adjustable Contrast LCD: LCD Display is user adjustable for the contrast for various lighting conditions.
Adjustable Backlit Display: LCD Display is user adjustable for the back lighting of the display. Also has a "Auto" option to turn off the back lighting after a predetermined time.
Adjustable end of charge Melody: User selectable end of charge/discharge melodies. 5 Choices,
User Name and Password Protection: Add your own name and password to the charger. If password protection is activated, your charger is not usable until the password is entered.
Adjustable Discharge Voltage Termination: For lithium batteries, you can adjust the per cell voltage termination from 2.75V per cell to 3.7V per cell.
Adjustable End Current for Li-xx Charge & Discharge: This is also known as Adjustable CV Termination. You can adjust the ending CV termination point. CV termination is normally 1/10th of the initial charge rate. You can adjust this value to terminate early or extend the CV termination value to maximize the amount of mah put back into the battery.
Adjustable Mv add on Voltage for Li-xx: The charger can be told now to add from 1 to 10 Mv additional voltage to the default ending voltage of 4.20V per cell. Some older batteries will not fully charge to 4.20 volts or in some cases the user may want to charge to 4.23V per cell.
Adjustable Max Capacity limiter: By default this is set at 100% and is based on the capacity of the battery. By changing to a lower value, the charger will terminate the charge of the battery when the given percentage of the capacity is reached.
Linear or CV Li-xx Discharge program: Select between Linear or CV discharge method. Linear discharge is based on a given discharge rate while the CV method reduces the discharge rate once the end voltage is reached.
Adjustable Ni-xx Trickle Charge: Once the charge is completed for Ni-xx batteries, a trickle charge can be applied to stop the self discharge of Ni-xx batteries.
3 Different Delta Peak Sensitivity settings for Ni-xx: The Delta Peak settings include Normal, Delicate and Off. Newer NIMH batteries will often False Peak. The new Delicate setting in conjunction with the Peak Delay function will ensure that the battery will be charged properly.
Adjustable Ni-xx Peak Delay settings: The charge can delay the termination of the Ni-xx charge by monitoring the voltage peak to ensure that the peak reading is correct and not a false peak.
Linear or Pulse charging for Ni-xx and Pb cells: The ability to change how the cells are charged. Reflex charging is another name for Pulse charging.
On screen graphing of charge / discharge curves: See the battery charge or discharge curve on the chargers LCD display
High and Low Li-xx cell display: The charger will show you the high and low li-xx cell voltages. This allows you to see if a li-xx pack was out of balance and how far the cells voltages vary.

Included items:
Ban-BC6DX AC/DC Charger
Ban-EAC124 JST-XH 2S through 6S Balance Connection Board
AC Power Cable
Ban-EAC117 Open ended charge cable.
Instruction Manual
1 Year warranty